Green Light

Oliviya is an act from production team Omnivi3e (pronounced Om-ni-vibe) who to date have had 14 top ten hits.

Oliviya Nicole

Singer / The Voice in 2018

Oliviya Nicole is a soulful and talented singer-songwriter from Bulgaria, currently living in the UK. Writing music from a young age, Oliviya has mastered creating catchy song hooks and lyrics. Well-known for her ability to rearrange and put her own spin on popular chart songs, Oliviya has reached thousands of loyal subscribers supporting her journey and million views and streams on both YouTube and Spotify in only a year’s time. The artist also went on The Voice in 2018 and came 3rd at the finals. Since then she’s been performing all over the world while constantly creating and releasing new music. 

Oliviya co-wrote “Green Light” for OMNIVI3E on the “I Just Wanna Dance With You” album..

An absolute delight to work with, the producers can see great things happening for Oliviya in the future.

Produced by Andy Whitmore who in the past has worked with the likes of Terence Trent D’Arby, Peter Andre and Atomic Kitten to name but a few, you can find more information on Oliviya  or on social media at

You can listen to Green Light by Oliviya Nicole on the link below:

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