Mel Hogan – ‘Song For The Brave’

30th March 2022 (London, England) – OMNIVI3E’s latest single ‘Song For The Brave’ is due to be released on the 15th April 2022 with Mel Hogan, an accredited International songwriter teaming up with musician Andy Whitmore (Eternal, Lemar, Elton John, and Peter Andre). They have produced this non-profit song in which all royalties are going to the Salvation Army in aid of the current situation in Ukraine.

‘Song for the Brave’ was created within a divine moment of inspiration. Mel says he didn’t write the song, he just guided the pen and that’s the magic of ‘Song for the Brave’.

The single will be available globally to download and stream on all major music platforms from April 15th.


Mel Hogan has achieved quite a lot during his musical career as a singer songwriter. He co-wrote the highly acclaimed solo album “Secrets You Keep” by Joe Lamont and also wrote music for American TV icons including Dick Clark productions.

Mel hopes the emotional and uplifting nature of ‘Song for the Brave’ will bring the people of the world together and unite to help financially back Ukraine during this troubling time.

Alongside Mel, Andy Whitmore also worked on this track. Andy has had phenomenal success including writing & producing Lemar’s “Time To Grow” album – which has had triple platinum selling success. London-based Andy Whitmore enjoyed producing and writing for global artists including Elton John, Diana Ross, Malcolm McLaren, ALexander O’Neal, and Peter Andre to name a few.

Tee-Shirts, Caps & Candles are available now – all proceeds to Salvation Army

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Mazda RX7

Mel Hogan – co-songwriter of “Song for the Brave” is giving away his vintage Mazda RX7 in a prize draw – all proceeds will go to the Salvation Army to help the desperate situation in Ukraine.

Terms will be with each download an extra £5 pounds will qualify entry to the RX7 draw.

Target guidelines are 100,000 download entries that have elected to enter the draw.

Once that target is reached, a random download will be chosen by Mel Hogan and the lucky entrant will become the proud owner of his fabulous RX7.

If the car is won by an overseas entry then the winner will need to arrange shipping and customs at their own expense.

There will be a Golden ticket posted on OMNIVI3E and other platforms.

This generous gift is purely transparent and is offered in aid of Ukraine.

Tanglewood Guitar

Mel Hogan will also giveaway his Tanglewood Guitar. This is the guitar that Mel wrote ”Song for the Brave” on for the worthy Ukraine refugee cause.

This guitar is a one of and Mel will sign it once a recipient is chosen.

Mel would like to suggest that a radio station could augment the guitar giveaway.

Mel is willing and able to perform ”Song for the Brave” acoustically if the need arise.

We at OMNIVI3E wish everyone all the best with this project and hope that ”Song for the Brave” and all that we are doing is greeted Globally with open arms.

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Tee-Shirts £26.95

Caps £19.95

Song for the Brave Candle £29.50