Latest track “Into Me” is ready. Hear it right now!


To say that we are excited is a complete understatement. Clara Hurtado has done us proud with her incredible vocals, making this highly energetic and majestic pop track sound utterly amazing. It’s a simple and slick production with a mind-blowing top-line – we know it’ll take off and the feedback we’ve already received has [...]

Latest track “Into Me” is ready. Hear it right now!2018-10-03T11:12:12+01:00

Latest track “Disco Nation” is ready. Hear it right now!


Are you ready to dance? We say, “Are you ready to dance”? Because you’re not gonna be able to stop once you hear this fabulous throwback to the 70s disco vibe. Disco Nation is the latest track from Andy Whitmore and his team at Greystoke Studio, featuring the amazing Henrietta Adewole of Britain’s Got [...]

Latest track “Disco Nation” is ready. Hear it right now!2018-10-03T11:12:57+01:00

New Release: Don’t Worry ‘bout Me


Bit more than a thriller One evening Andy was down the pub, having a pint with some friends, when he started reminiscing about his early days in the music business. He got to thinking about some of the tracks he’d produced in the 90s. There was one in particularly that was a little inspired [...]

New Release: Don’t Worry ‘bout Me2018-10-03T11:13:03+01:00

New Release: Need to Be


Sometimes a little pain can provide the greatest inspiration Back in November 2017, Azadeh and Andy Whitmore were both going through a bit of a hard time, emotionally. A time that required reflection and some much-needed soul searching. Well, when you’re an artist, it’s these moments that often yield the greatest creative results. That [...]

New Release: Need to Be2018-10-03T11:13:08+01:00

New Release: Take Me Somewhere


They said it wouldn’t work… Matt Knight, one of our super-hot resident producers, had an idea: Find a classically-trained violinist – ideally one that’s worked with the London Symphony Orchestra – and ask them to play strings on an electronic dance track. Nothing too up-tempo, but something soulful and unforgettable. Many people said it [...]

New Release: Take Me Somewhere2018-10-03T11:13:13+01:00

New Release: So Sweet


A knight’s programming kick-started this gem of a track When we say ‘knight’, we do, of course, mean the amazingly talented Matt Knight – producer, programmer, and all-round gifted artiste. From the very first moment, even before the end of the first second, you can tell this classic, soulful tune is literally going to [...]

New Release: So Sweet2018-10-03T11:13:19+01:00

Video shoots, mastering, Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice contestants… it’s all go at Omnivi3e HQ


Well, what a month it’s been here at Omnivi3e HQ, and we haven’t even got to the middle of August yet. First up, we’ve been doing some amazing work with the fabulous Clara Hurtado. She absolutely wowed us with her vocals, so much so that we got her to sing on one of our [...]

Video shoots, mastering, Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice contestants… it’s all go at Omnivi3e HQ2018-10-03T11:05:49+01:00
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