A knight’s programming kick-started this gem of a track

When we say ‘knight’, we do, of course, mean the amazingly talented Matt Knight – producer, programmer, and all-round gifted artiste. From the very first moment, even before the end of the first second, you can tell this classic, soulful tune is literally going to take you away to a dreamy land of musical indulgence.

The baseline kicks in and that’s when the adrenalin starts to take hold and your hedonistic journey has well and truly begun. One of Omnivi3e’s top vocalists, Azadeh, was responsible for the incredible top-line writing, and the ever so subtle harmonies work effortlessly to heighten the inevitable goose bumps you’ll be feeling.

None of this would be possible without the genius chords and melody from our very own Andy Whitmore. All designed to beautifully dovetail with every element of this sophisticated piece of electronic music.

Get this absolute diamond of a track on your playlist now. We guarantee you’ll start to melt the moment you hear it.

Omnivi3e feat. Azadeh - So Sweet