Pop, Electronic

Casa Bonita – OMNIVI3E ft Davin Ansel & Index Dex [Official Video] OMNIVIBE

Give You Up – OMNIVI3E ft T Jae Cole / Index Dex [Official Video]

Into Me by Omnivi3e feat. Clara Hurtado

Into Me
Artist: Clara Hurtado
Producer: Andy Whitmore

Ricochet by Omnivi3e feat. Azadeh & Index

Artist: Azadeh & Index Dex
Producer: Andy Whitmore

Need To Be - Lo-Fi by Omnivi3e feat. Azadeh & Index

Need To Be – Lo-Fi
Artist: Azadeh & Index Dex
Producer: Andy Whitmore

Don't Worry 'Bout Me by Omnivi3e feat. Rosie

Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me
Artist: Rosie & Index Dex
Producer: Andy Whitmore


I Just Wanna Dance With You - Remix by Omnivi3e feat. T Jae Cole

I Just Wanna Dance With You (Remix)
Artist: T Jae Cole, Remixers: Sergio D’Angelo / Phil Castle / Andy Whitmore

Chains by Omnivi3e feat. Rosie

Artist: Rosie
Producers: Andy Whitmore / Matt Knight

Disco Nation by Omnivi3e feat. Henrietta

Disco Nation
Artist: Henrietta
Producer: Andy Whitmore

Rock, Grunge

Zero Day - Broken Bottle

Broken Bottle Artist: Zero Day Producers: OMNIVI3E – Andy Whitmore / David Whitmore



Bring Me To Life

The release of the “Bring Me To Life” album teaser attracted scores of glowing reviews in less than 24 hours. Not surprising as this intelligently produced mix of urban, electro and dance tracks appeal to an educated audience who appreciate dance anthems, whilst wooing a younger crowd who ache for something new and exciting.

The album kicks off with Headlock; a track so upbeat it ‘screams’ instant classic. Hard-hitting drumbeats, uplifting synths and a secret weapon of truly hypnotic female vocals; the song doesn’t fail to seduce the listener into a state of energy-fuelled euphoria. The album is as innovative as it is diverse and the track ‘Speakeasy’ is testament to this. Real live brass; Hammond organs, and truly cutting-edge drums and synths. Classic 1930s swing meets the modern world in a flurry of irresistibly crisp and catchy vocals, whilst beautifully crafted melodies ensure that the listener never forgets what they’ve just heard. This is a track that works so harmoniously, you’d think divine intervention was at play.

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