They said it wouldn’t work…

Matt Knight, one of our super-hot resident producers, had an idea: Find a classically-trained violinist – ideally one that’s worked with the London Symphony Orchestra – and ask them to play strings on an electronic dance track. Nothing too up-tempo, but something soulful and unforgettable.

Many people said it just wouldn’t work.
They couldn’t have been more wrong.

We searched high and low until we found an amazing musician. And boy, did we find a gem. That sparkle of musical genius came in the form of a delightful violinist called Alice Cooper (stop thinking what you’re thinking). We were well and truly in business.

We brought in the incredible singer-songwriter, Azadeh, to craft some inspired lyrics, and use her signature seductive vocal talent. She was the perfect match for Matt’s original melody, Andy Whitmore’s stunning chord formations, and David Whitmore’s magnificent baselines. The classic 1979 Precision bass we used gives the track a richness that literally takes you somewhere else – very fitting when you consider the name of the song.

All the folks we’ve played the track to thus far have absolutely been blown away by it. We know you will be, too. Listen NOW.

Omnivi3e Feat. Azadeh - Take Me Somewhere